Critical Times

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Important Phone Numbers

Sarasota County Emergency Management

Manatee Count Emergency Management

American Red Cross
Sarasota: 941-379-9300
SW Florida: 877-741-1444
National: 800-733-2767

List of Shelters

The Sarasota County Special Needs Shelter is a shelter of last resort for people with special medical needs. The shelter provides for safety and very basic needs during an emergency. The shelter which is staffed by nurses and doctors from the Florida Department of Health in Sarasota County is for residents who rely on electrical power for their medical equipment and nursing assistance.

The public must register in advance to use the Special Needs Shelter.

Special Needs Shelter - Manatee County
The Special Needs Registry is designed to assist residents of Manatee County who will require transportation or sheltering assistance when the citizen is notified to evacuate their residence because of a storm.

What to take to a hurricane shelter

  • Identification, cash and coins
  • Bedding (including towels, blankets, sleeping bags, air mattresses)
  • Folding lawn or camping chair
  • medications, supplies, and prescriptions (at least a 2-week supply)
  • nonperishable food and snacks
  • bottled water and/or other non-alcoholic beverages
  • basic eating utensils and plates
  • baby supplies
  • toilet paper, hand sanitizer, other personal hygiene items
  • extra clothing
  • flashlights and battery operated radio or TV with extra batteries