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Critical Times: January - March 2021

Digital Copy Available Here

Inside this issue:  Gov. DeSantis's Anti-Protest Bill; NCF's Black History Month; Celery Fields Microforest; Legislative Preview with State Legislators contact information; the Need to Fund Mental Health Services; Rethinking Plastics; Food Scraps for Social Good; Revamping Special Education; Health Sharing Ministry; Improving Parental Engagement

Critical Times:  October - December 2020

Digital Copy Available Here:

Inside the issue:  City Commission Race;  Dark Money Defeat; Eat Local Week; SRQ Strong Addresses Racism; the Latin American Community and What to Call It; 2020 Ballot Initiatives; County Charter Changes; Democrats run on Progressive Platforms; Meet the WSLR News Team; Conservation Referendum on Manatee Ballot; Amendment 3 Creates Top Two Primary; Building Sustainable Communities; Going Solar in Sarasota Just Got Easier; Effective and Just Pandemic Recovery; 

Critical Times Volume 15:  July - September 2020

Digital Copy Available Here.

Inside this issue: An African American Cultural Center for Newtown, Local Covid cases on the increase; Coalition organizes against racism; Food Recovery for People and Climate;  Important Stakes in Sarasota School Board Races; Sarasota's Children Can't Read;  Vote for Justice in 2020; One Fair Wage Organizing in Florida; Gerrymandering on Steroids;  Opinion: Paving Paradise;  Killer Heat and the Fall Election; Four Democrats Face Off in House District 70; Supporting Black-Owned Businesses; Protest Collage and poem.

Critical Times Volume 14: April - June 2020

Digital Copy Available Here.

Inside this issue: Vouchers Schools in Sarasota, Covid-19 Resources, New College Fights to Survive Merger Proposal, Sarasota Strong Grows Stronger, Three Sarasota City Commission Seats up for Election, Dirty Politics Lead to Dirty Water, Sarasota County Commission Candidates 2020, Commentary: Allow Florida Cities to Use Ranked Choice Voting, WSLR 96.5 FM New Saturday Morning Line-Up, WSLR: Come Home to Community, 2020 Marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, Breaking Free from Plastic, Transition Sarasota Dares to Grow in 2020, Say 'Yes' to Composting, Opinion: Abolish Corporate Personhood, 2020 Florida Legislative Session Review, Students Have Someone to Lean On at Brookside!

Critical Times Volume 13:  January - March 2020

Digital Copy Available Here. 

Inside this issue:  Building Citizen Power, Gender Equality, Hispanic Community Doubles in Sarasota, Black History Month events at New College, American Racism, SURE, Glyphosate Use in Sarasota, Community Partnership Schools, and more...

Critical Times Volume 12: October-December 2019
Digital Copy Available here.

Inside this issue: Students Strike for Climate Action, Eat Local Week 2019, NCF Connects Art + Humanities, November Decision for the Celery Fields, Brady Sarasota Working for Sensible Gun Control, Community Partnership School to Open in Manatee County - Will Sarasota Public Schools be Next?, Sarasota Strong Addresses Community Trauma, The Divine Feminine: Coming Into Balance, Redistricting: In the Public Interest?, Folk Music at Fogartyville, Ending US Forever Wars, Venice City Elections in November, Open Primaries and Ranked Choice Voting, Growing Greener Generations, New WSLR Season, New Member Benefits!
Critical Times Volume 11: July-September 2019

Inside this issue: Celery Fields, 2020 Census, Grand Oak Graveyard, Women Taking Action, Eroding Youth Rights, Eat Local Week, Upcoming LWV Events, Trauma-Informed Community Training, Monthly Meetings, 2019 Bills - How They Voted, Attack on Direct Democracy.

Critical Times Volume 9: April 2019

Digital Copy Available here.

Inside this issue: Lobbying for Public Education, Bay Vision, Detert Calls for Redistricting, Implementing Ranked Choice, 2019 Legislation, Florida Flag Fish Act, Editorial: A Progressive Path Forward, 2020 Florida Ballot Measures, Minimum Wage, Medicaid Expansion, Changing Florida's Energy Market, Changing Florida's Closed Primary, Integrity 2020, Editorial:Ban Conversion Therapy

Critical Times Volume 8: January 2019

Digital copy available here.

Inside this issue: Transforming Public Education, NCF Black History Month 2019, 2019 Florida Legislative Session, Helping Kids SOAR, SILL's 48th Season, Phoenix Rises, Celebrate the Full Legacy of Dr. King, Thoughts From a Millennial on the Gillum Campaign, Addressing Trauma, Building Resilience, Editorial: Save Lido Pavillion, Did Money Win in the 2018 Midterm?

Critical Times Volume 7: October 2018 

Digital copy available here.

Inside the Issue: Eat Local This October, Trojan Horse Amendment, A Watershed Moment for Progressives, In Memoriam, Creating Sustainable Communities, Newtown Nation News,  Keep Kids Learning, Focus on School Security is Myopic, For the People or for the Developers, The Battle for Beach Road, Support the Legacy Trail Extension, Calendar of Events, Million Hoodies New College, Constitutional Amendments Update. 

Critical Times Volume 6: April 2018

Inside the Issue: Preview of 2018 Local Election; Environmental Films; Clean Energy; Celery Fields; Florida CEED; Campaign Nonviolence; Events Calendar; WSLR Radio Schedule; 2018 Legislative Session; Activist Calendar; 2018 Elections; Municipal Internet.

Critical Times Volume 5: January  2018

Digital copy available here.

Inside the Issue: Nathan Benderson Park; Bail Reform; March for Democracy; Solar Co-Op; New College of Florida 'Black Joy'; Composting; Net Metering; CRC; WSLR Events; WSLR Radio Schedule; District 72 Election; Activist Calendar; Health Care; Time Bank; Americans United.

Critical Times Volume 3: July 2017

Digital copy available here.

Inside the Issue: Ban Fracking in Florida; Clean Energy Revolution is Here; Bayfront 20:20; People's Summit; Artspace Sarasota; Aqua by the Bay; Congress of Resistance; Events Calendar; WKDW North Port; Democracy PAC Started; Yes to Second Chances; Upcoming @ Fogartyville; Editorial: Public Education; Voter Rights.

Critical Times Volume 2: April 2017

Digital copy available here.

Inside the Issue: Save the Celery Fields; 19% Turnout in City Elections; Private Property Rights; Local Government, Local Decisions; Gun Violence; Florida Legislature in Session; Events Calendar; Still Marching; Why STOP! Now; Farm Helps Veterans; Ranked Choice Voting; Revising Our Constitution.

Critical Times Volume 1: January 2017

Digital copy available here.

Inside the Issue: Women March on Washington; March 14 City Elections; SRQ Women's March Rally; Big Money in Elections; Exploitation of Women; Supporting Vets; Democratic Progressive Caucus; Events Calendar; Transition Sarasota; Occupy Bradenton; Working for Fair Elections; Amendment 1.