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0 Comments "Happiness Walk: A Community Walk to End Violence" an interview with Scott Osborne

Scott Osborne is the President of the UN Women-USNC Gulf Coast Chapter.  Osborne took the time to give more details to Critical Times about the walk on March 18th.  

For more information, donation and registration go to:

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0 Comments Second Rally to Save the Celery Fields on Saturday March the 11th

Local Citizens to hold Second Rally this Saturday to address County's failure to adhere to the Sarasota County Charter and and Sales of County Owned Lands that around the Celery Fields

The rally will take place this Saturday, March 11, 2017 at 11 a.m. / Corner of Palmer Boulevard & Apex Road lead by a broad based non-partisan group of Sarasota County taxpayers, Neighborhood Association members, Sarasota Bird Watchers and Park Goers.

There will be parking off of Palmer Road, we encourage people to carpool and to leave the Celery Field parking lot open for guests who are visiting the park.

With two commercial developments, Restaurant Depot and TST Ventures-Recycling Plant are fast tracked to being built next to Our Celery Fields. Another parcel of land has been listed for sale that has the closest proximity to the mouth of Phillipi Creek that feeds into the bay.

To share information and solidarity against the sales of land that surround our celery field go to the link below:


Reporter Marieli De Jesus interviewed Adrien Lucas, Sarasota activist, who gave Critical Times an update on the Celery Fields situation, information about the rally and more.


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